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What Clients are Saying...

"​My session with Lynda was amazing! I had asked to get focused work on my lungs and diaphragm and I felt so much relief afterwards. I had energy and could take calmer, deeper breaths. Seriously top notch work. The entire experience from entering the Wellness Center to getting up off the table after my session was warm, welcoming and healing. I hope to get my next session soon!" 

Brittany Anderson

"Therapeutic massage changed my life and Lynda is the best. First visit was over 15 years ago and it was for plantar fasciitis in my feet. Lynda went to work immediately on my low back and legs and within a few visits I had total relief from the pain. From sports and work I have suffered lower back pain, shoulder and knee pain and throughout the years we have been working together, she has fixed it all. I highly recommend her integrative bodywork and after each visit I feel like a new person." 

Salli Fratini-Hess

"Lynda is an 'Anatomy Whisperer'...From the moment she greeted me there was a sense she was deeply listening. She focused on my back pain and seemed to align my body in the process. I left feeling so much better and 2 days later, as she promised, I was ready to return to yoga." 

 Joyce B.​

"My work in restaurants require my low back to be in top working order at all times. When it goes, so does my livelihood! I knew who to call when I threw out my low back. Lynda's abilities to unwind and realign the body border on miracle work!"


Brian Lee

"I've been going to Lynda for three years now, two to four times a month. I am a writer and editor, and have persistent neck, shoulder, and back pain as a result of the many hours I sit in front of a computer. Not only has Lynda's practice helped alleviate the tension and pain I carry in my body, but she is full of tips for stretches, yoga channels, and products (hello, standing desk) that have improved my health and my body awareness. Plus her gospel of water hydration has made me a true believer. Along the way, she's become a friend. I look forward to our sessions, and can't recommend her highly enough. She could literally change your life!"

Sarah Courteau

"Lynda is wonderful! You won’t be disappointed. I am a dentist, and already experiencing neck and upper back issues. Rather than waiting to become a hunchback I scheduled my first appointment with Lynda back in August. Since returning the past few months, I have felt significant improvement in my neck mobility and decreased chronic pain. Not only does Lynda focus on these areas well but she is a helpful motivator in terms of overall wellness of body and mind. Her space is always very clean, and she always runs on time. She has given me great tips for at home stretches and techniques . With the progress we have made together in only a few months , I am encouraged that my dental career will not be short lived due to disability and that my mind and center will continue to be clear."

Jeannine Holz, DDS

"I feel so lucky to have found Lynda. She is skillful, creative, intuitive, and wise. When I first worked with her, over a year ago, I was experiencing lower-back fatigue, knee pain, and nervous, gnarly feet that were terrified of being touched. In just a few months I realized that all of those complaints were gone. She is able to work much deeper now, even on my feet, so the benefits keep accruing. Sessions with Lynda are never the same twice; she senses the way the body's condition subtly varies from time to time, and responds accordingly. She goes right to the source of any problem without my having to mention it -- indeed, I might not be aware of it until she has relieved it! My weekly session with Lynda is an oasis in my life, a time to drop all of my concerns and surrender completely to her sensitive expertise, knowing I will emerge refreshed and restored."

Imogen H.

"One day I woke up, and my jaw was cracking. It had never done that before. I was scared. I realized I had been having more headaches lately, and my shoulder was hurting. I had to see someone. Lynda was recommended to me by my yoga teacher. I booked the first session she had. And so the journey began. I think most people can see how body work will help your body. But where I feel I’ve had my biggest breakthroughs with Lynda is on an emotional level, even a spiritual one. When I am on the table, under her incredibly sensitive, strong and knowing hands, I travel. Images appear, linking one part of my body to another. Memories surface. Insights. Feeling how one particular upset was activated by work on my scapula – and deactivated. One day, her work on the knots in my left shoulder pinged all the way down to my left calf – and I realized that perhaps all the troubles on my left side started with I broke my left tibia 15 years ago. By working with Lynda, I’ve come to believe that working on who we are needs to be done physically as well. That awareness carries through into how I move through life – and at this time of year, with its demands and pressures, that’s something that even more important to pay attention to. To feel the tightness in my body as I enter a room or talk to a certain person. To notice when the headache or shallow breathing begins. And to get to Lynda regularly, even when I think nothing really hurts. Because deep down, there is always work to be done."

Beth Blatt

"I have always had headache issue's in my life. A number of years ago I was struggling with persistent tightness in the back of my head and shoulders. Rather than go to the doctor for the whole x-ray routine, I decided to try a more holistic approach. Massage therapy sounded like a good place to begin. I found Lynda Williams on the internet and read all the wonderful testimonials about her work, so I decided to give her therapeutic massage therapy a try. She was warm and understanding as I told her my story. Then she did her magic! I am now a regular client and I have no more headaches or pain in my arms."

Sheila P.

"Lynda is an 'Anatomy Whisperer'...From the moment she greeted me there was a sense she was deeply listening. She focused on my back pain and seemed to align my body in the process. I left feeling so much better and 2 days later, as she promised, I was ready to return to yoga."

Joyce B.

"How many people can say that a migraine headache was one of the best things that ever happened to them? That's exactly how I would describe my first meeting with Lynda Williams. At that time in 2003, she was still a student at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy working in the schools clinic during her last semester. I was one of the clients that was assigned to her during a clinic shift. Initially I wanted to cancel my appointment due to the severe migraine I was suffering from, however, I decided to go anyway. During my massage with Lynda I discovered the benefits of CranioSacral Therapy and I left completely headache free with her phone number and a promise that I would connect with her once she graduated and opened her private practice. That was almost 14 years ago and I am still reaping the benefits of Lynda's amazing talents. Regular therapeutic massage is one of the best things I do to take care of myself. No matter how stressed or tense I feel walking in, I know I am going to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It never ceases to amaze me how she can pinpoint an area of tension in my body that I wasn't even aware of at the time. If you get an opportunity to work with Lynda, take it, your body will thank you!"

Karen S., RN

"Lynda has a tremendous gift in connecting to her clients needs offering support physically, emotionally, and spiritually through her dedication to her work. I highly recommend her work to anyone that is looking for a personal and safe therapist to work with who takes a "whole being" approach to radiant health."

Basil J., Basil Jones Yoga Studio

"Lynda is a warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable massage therapist. Her Therapeutic Massage helps to reduce tension and muscular tightness throughout my body. As a very active person who has experienced headaches and muscle tension for over 10 years, Lynda is able to read my body and adapt her work to address my muscle imbalances and postural imbalances differently each session! Best bodywork that I have ever had that actually has lasting therapeutic effects. Lynda has helped me more than Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and other massage therapists.

Breanna W., Pilates Instructor

 "Best Therapist!" Lynda is an incredibly talented and multifaceted therapist. I have had body work done at dozens of spas across the country, but nothing compares to the massages, Craniosacral therapy or zero balance treatment done by Lynda. She intuitively knows what you are most in need of - often even before you know! Her massages are the absolute best. I have been treated by her for 6 years and have stopped going anywhere else (even on vacation) because it is always a disappointment after being spoiled by Lynda. She is a warm and compassionate person and I feel so lucky that I found her! You will not be disappointed!"

Winnie B.

"Lynda Williams has performed several near miracles on muscular injuries I have acquired by working out too hard. She possesses a rare combination of western training and eastern intuition and applies it in a unique method that is gentle and healing...yet persistent enough to find the basis of one's discomfort. Bring your issues to Lynda and you will walk away physically and spiritually refreshed."

Jim D.

"I found Lynda by doing a Google search for "Cranial Sacral Therapy" after I came home from the ER with horrid neck pain. I decided to immediately book a therapeutic session.  Lynda, my new therapist came in on a day off and I deferred to her as to what she felt would work best. She worked magic. I came in to the appointment wearing a neck brace (that they gave me in the ER) and walked out feeling SO much better and was able to move my neck freely. Within 1 session I was back to 75% or so - it was a HUGE improvement. I've been to MANY, MANY massage therapists over the years, but she has a magical and healing touch!

I have continued to see her since and would recommend her to everyone."

Marion C.

"I had never had a massage before, and this was the most amazing experience! Definitely something magical in Lynda's hands. Superb. If ever you are in New York, or Connecticut, make the trip - it will be worth it! I'll definitely be revisiting when I am over performing my cabaret shows in NYC in the new year!"

Michael Omar

"I will always be a fan of Groupon because it brought me to Lynda Williams. Two herniated discs left me with pain and numbness in my neck, arms and hands for years, despite treatments with traditional and non-traditional therapies. After my first session with Lynda, I left with an optimism that I hadn't felt in a long time. She takes time to discuss what's going on with a sincere warmth and interest. What I find most unique is her professional skill and knowledge in multiple modes of therapy, which allow her to customize each session based on individual need. My sessions now include Craniosacral therapy, which is wonderful relief for the nerve involvement in my neck, and deep tissue treatment for thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition I was unaware of before starting treatment with Lynda. Her drive to find answers and solutions is the root of her successful treatments and her customized approach make the most of each session. The best part: you leave not only relaxed, more flexible and with less pain, but also with the feeling that you have a caring ally, someone who takes a sincere interest in your health and well-being. I look forward to the next session! Thank you for all of the above! As well as being a wonderful practitioner, you have such a calming, encouraging and caring nature. It's truly a pleasure to know you."

Eileen S.

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